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There was but a transient glance shared between the two, yet within the fleeting moment a mutual lustre was shared; a spark which ignited some profoundly retrospective sensation reminiscent of one's first carnal desire. Contained within the slightest optical contact, some unidentifiable force; some abstruse feeling arose with their core, blossoming the memory of what never was; a nebulous yet stupendous and vivacious understanding of what could have been - that, alas, simply cannot be. The moment passes, the connection fractures, and the sensation quickly fades into a dull ache located somewhere beneath the diaphragm, like a strong case of nausea seemingly without an actual, concrete, real cause. Merging into separate crowds consisting of hundreds of faceless people, the two individuals involuntarily reduce their pace; walking in a kind of animated stupor. The encounter had rattled both of them tremendously - their minds fragmented, confused, ruptured for days, perhaps even weeks to come. Nevertheless, they continued on, floating through their existence, sensing with a curious acuity all of the things which are so greatly missed on a mass scale. Goodbye.
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