Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting

A Lesson by Clif

Ghost Hunting is different than Ghostology. Ghost Hunting is the Field Investigation of Hauntings. Ghostology involves Research into ParaSpiritual Activity.


Paranormal Organizations normally do investigations into Hauntings. Most Paranormal Societies only deal with Spiritual Paranormal. A few organizations however also look into other types of Paranormal, like UFOs and Cryptid creatures, but they are the exception.


       Paranormal Organization members usually travel to different places and do Ghost Hunting investigations late at night at haunted locations. Many Societies use a lot of electronic equipment. Paranormal equipment can be very expensive. Investigative organizations use Thermal Cameras, K2, EMF meters, Digital audio EVP recorders, Temperature measuring thermometers. They also setup DVR’s, multiple digital cameras, sensors and laptop computers for their investigations. There are some companies that sell Paranormal electronics on the Internet.

Some investigators have even used flash lights to communicate with Spirits to answer questions by turning the light on and off.

       Electronic Voice Phenomena, EVP; is an audible voice from a Spirit that can be recorded on an electronic recording device.

White Noise; is on an analog television untuned to any channel with just white raster snow background. It can receive audio voices from Spirits and Ghosts. It is a form of EVP.

An EMF Meter measures ElectroMagnetic fields that can be associated with sightings of an apparition.


       Paranormal Organizations utilize the services of different people and specialists; There are Investigators, Tech Specialists, Tech Assistants, AV Technicians, Interviewers, Evidence Analysts, Mediums and Sensitives.

A Scribe is someone who documents information during walk thru with a Psychic.

A Historical Researcher obtains background information about the location of the haunting.


       Investigators often Debunk reports and sightings of Paranormal events. They weed out the false reports to leave only the ones they believe are real. Paranormal Society members debunking adds credibility to their findings. It indicates that they don't believe every story they hear. They Investigate sightings more deeply and look for actual evidence. Researchers need to debunk many claimed reports of the Paranormal. It is part of their job to do so.


There are different types of Hauntings;

There are Residual Hauntings, where Spirits repeat the same action over and over again and they do not interact with living people. Also known as an Imprint.

And there are Intelligent Hauntings, where a Ghost can interact and possibly communicate  with the living.

Paranormal Investigators have produced a great deal of significant evidence over the years.  The search continues for proof of the existence of Spirits. 

I have a blog page dedicated to the Paranormal at;


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