Ghost Ships

Ghost Ships

A Lesson by Clif

There have been many Ghost stories surrounding great ships and disasters at sea.


The Legend of the Flying Dutchman is of an old Ghost story. It is said that the Ghost ship can never dock in a port and is doomed to sail the seas for eternity. The tale originated in the Netherlands by their Sea faring Mariners in the 17th century. The Dutchman is a Phantom ship. If Sailors see it, they say it is a Bad omen of things to come. A Dutch Man of War sank off the Cape of Good Hope in the late 1700’s. Later Sailors spotted the ship’s sails heading straight for them. But there was no real vessel.  Sailing Ghost Ships associated with the Flying Dutchman have been seen for Centuries sense in many different oceans by numerous Mariners from  multiple countries.


     The Titanic sank in 1912 in the North Atlantic. The Artifacts Exhibit of items recovered from the Ocean floor are on display in

Las Vegas. The Artifacts from the lost ship are said to be Haunted.

On the Grand Staircase reproduction of the one on the ship there has been a Lady in Black Apparition seen on the stairs.     

There is a Portrait hanging of one of the Builders and Survivors of the Titanic. Captured on a video camera, the Picture was seen to mysteriously shake and fall off the wall. There was no earthquake or anything to explain the strange occurrence.

Many years later on another ship an officer gave a tour to a man in an old Captain’s uniform and hat. The mysterious gentlemen had a white beard. Later the Guide saw a picture of the Captain of the Titanic. He said that was the same man he had given a tour to.

In the area where the Titanic went down there have been Orbs spotted flying around over the final resting place of the great vessel. It went down off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada.


The Passenger Liner Queen Mary is now a Hotel, permanently docked  in Long Beach, California. There have been many reports of Ghostly activity onboard sense its retirement in 1967 on Halloween. There are reports of Children laughing. Children had drowned in the pool on board in the past. There is the smell of Cigar smoke. The late Captain of the ship use to smoke cigars when he was alive. One room in particular has had objects moving around by themselves.  There are mysterious Shadows that roam the hallways.  There is a Ghost of a Chief who was killed by others in the kitchen during WWII. And there is the Lady in White Apparition seen in the Engine room of the ship. 

The beautiful Ghost lady has also been seen in the lobby and Dancing in the Solon.

The Edmund Fitzgerald was a gigantic freighter ship that sank in the Great Lakes in 1975. It went down in one of the Tremendous Storms on the lakes known as “The Witch of November”.  The Edmund Fitzgerald was the largest ship ever to sink in the area known as the Great Lakes Triangle. There was a hit song recorded by Gordon Lightfoot about the tragedy of the doomed vessel. There is a Great Lakes Ship Wreck Museum that has all the pertinent information about the loss of the ship and its crew. The bell of the ship was recovered. On the anniversary they ring it 30 times, once for each crew member that perished in the storm and one extra for all the sailors lost in the Great Lakes. The Edmund Fitzgerald ghost ship was seen on Lake Superior in the fog at night a decade after the ship sank. In 2016 a video was taken of a Ghost ship on the same Great Lake.  The eerie picture was shot near Whitefish point where the Edmund Fitzgerald was lost.

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