Luminous Phenomena

Luminous Phenomena

A Lesson by Clif

There are many different types of Luminous Phenomena. They are strange glowing lights seen in the sky. Some are naturally occurring, while others defy explanation.


Earth lights; can be produced over fault lines, during volcanic or seismic activity inside the surface of the planet. Scientists do not understand how they are created. There are some theories about their origin. One is they are produced by tectonic plates in the earth’s crust sliding together and producing friction. The same thing that results in earthquakes. Earth quake lights flashes are seen just before ground tremors.

  Swamp Gas; from Methane and other gases rising up out of water into the air. The Methane comes from plant life decaying at the bottom of waterways. It can ignite and produce light flashes. Swamp gas illuminations can be mistaken for UFO’s. But Methane does not spontaneously combust. One theory is the gas might be ignited by a mixture of small amount of phosphine in the gas. It is still a mystery how swamp gas can burst into flame on its own.

The Tribo Effect is Static electricity. Tribo meters are used to detect Para Spiritual Activity. If a Ghost generates a static charge, the electrostatic discharge could ignite the methane in Swamp Gas and cause the light illumination. Ghost lights could have a Supernatural source after all. Marsh and Swamp lights have also been observed in Florida and Michigan and many other places in the U.S. where rising gas ignitions and folklore come together.

      Ball Lighting; is a rare occurrence during lightning storms. This natural occurring phenomena can often be mistaken for a UFO. A video of Ball Lightning was recorded for the first time in China in 2012.

      St. Elmo’s Fire; is caused by an electrical, plasma discharge in the atmosphere. They appear at the end of a tall object, like a long slender pole or at the top of a mask of sailing ships in previous centuries. Modern day airliners have witnessed the phenomena  on the edges of the aircraft.

     The Marfa Lights; in Marfa, Texas, are mysterious Orbs of light seen over many years along the highway there. They are Balls of light that can pulse on and off. There is a MLVC (Marfa Lights Viewing Center) where the lights can be viewed. They have been seen sense the late 1800’s. The Marfa Lights could be Earth Lights. There are earthquakes in that part of the state. There could be a fault or opening in the ground near Marfa where the Phenomena could be coming from inside the Earth’s surface.

      The Lubbock Lights; were also strange illuminations in Lubbock, Texas, in 1951. They were multi colored and flashing lights in the air. The Lubbock lights were another unexplained sighting of Aerial Phenomena.

        The Paulding Light in Michigan is another strange Luminous Phenomena. There are earthquakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

The Joplin Spook Light in Missouri is thought to be a Ghost Jack O Lantern.

        Bioluminescence is when an animal or insect can create their own light. Like fireflies are Bioluminescent and some sea creatures that live at great depths in the ocean also can give off light from their own bodies. It is a Natural cause of certain Luminous Phenomena. The Pterosaur was a giant flying reptile thought to have went extinct along with the Dinosaurs. But large Pterosaur type creatures have been seen in modern times in New Guinea. The huge flying reptiles there are reported to have shinning lights in the air at night. They could have the ability to generate Bioluminescence. If Pterosaurs are still reported to be alive today, they should be considered a Cryptic creature.

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Orbs; balls of light that are transparent, are usually associated with Ghosts and Spirits. They can appear in graveyards and inside buildings and homes. Many orbs have been seen in places like Gettysburg, Pa. One of the most haunted areas in the country. Some Orbs have been seen higher in the sky. They could possibly be Extraterrestrial in origin. UFO Orbs have been seen in many states like Hawaii, Colorado and other parts of the Country.

“Will O The Wisp”; are strange glowing lights that are thought to be Spirits. They can appear in swampy or wooded areas. Some may be caused by swamp gas, While other balls of light could be Supernatural in origin.

They are also known as Jack O Lanterns and Spook Lights. Ghost lights have been seen in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Louisiana as well as many other places in the country.

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Great explorations through the various naturally occurring and other types of lights. As this is listed as a 'course,' it would have been instructive to have examples of tying this into writings, using your own, perhaps, as examples. I am glad I read this.
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