Close Encounter Categories

Close Encounter Categories

A Lesson by Clif

Close Encounters for extraterrestrial contact and UAP experiences.


I discovered eight categories for encounters with extraterrestrial beings:

Close Encounters of the First Kind;  are when unexplainable flying aircraft are witnessed.  Many major UFO incidents in history, like The Phoenix Lights, Rendlesham Forest, Shag Harbour, Washington D.C. UFOs, the Alaskan Airliner, Mexico City and hundreds, or thousands of other UAP sightings around the world. 


Close Encounters of the Second Kind; When there is a physical effect on electrical systems caused by alien spacecraft from another world. When there are power outages like in New York, and missile silos go off line, or cars will not start after a UFO is sighted.

And crop circles are also examples of close encounters of the second kind.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind; This is when aliens are actually seen. The UFO Crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. Also the Hopkinsville Goblins and the Flatwoods Monster were also sightings of extraterrestrial beings.


Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind; This classification is for people who have been taken by alien beings. The alien abductions of The Allagash four, Travis Walton,  Betty and Barney Hill and an uncounted number of other people.


Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind Category; is when people have  contact with aliens from another world. Contactees are people who have had direct encounters with extraterrestrials. A number of them have been in communication with E.T.s  since the 1940s and 50s, in Europe and the U.S.  Also abductees like Betty Hill, have had telepathic communication with aliens, while they were on their spacecrafts.


Close Encounter of the Sixth Kind; when a person, or animal dies after encountering a being from another planet. A fighter plane crashed in Kentucky in 1948, after chasing a UAP. The pilot was killed. Also cattle mutilations are also in this category as well.


Close Encounter of the Seventh Kind, is when an alien hybrid is produced. Men in Black are observed by some as looking strange, like a possible human/alien being. Ancient Alien theory also has the idea that human DNA came from extraterrestrial hybrids on Earth, from the distant past.


Close Encounters of the Eighth Kind; are when extraterrestrials choose certain people to stay in contact with. Some abductees have been taken repeated times, sometimes since childhood. And contactees, who have had repeated encounters with Pleiadians, over the years. The author from New York who wrote “Communion”, had multiple contacts with his alien abductors, including from when he was a child.

J Allen Hynek created the first three classifications for close encounters. The rest were added later by other ufologists and authors.

Source:; Close encounter.

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