Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunting

A Lesson by Clif

There are different ways ghosts manifest themselves. There are multiple types of hauntings. And there is a paranormal triage you can perform.


Ghost Manifestations:

     Specters can appear in different forms;


     1 Mist or fog; spirit can manifest itself in a hazy or vapor form.

Like the famous photo of The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall in England, taken in 1936, shows the picture of a vaporous incorporeal entity.

     2 Shadows; ghosts are sometimes seen as dark silhouettes, like against a wall. These are sometimes known as shadow people. Certain reports say they have glowing red eyes. Shadow people are believed to be neither good or bad. They just watch over and observe. But some can be malevolent or benevolent.

There have been shadows  seen at Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia.

     3 Orbs; spirits can appear as a ball of light, like Will-o-the-wisp.

There have been orbs witnessed at cemeteries in New York and Chicago.

And at Gettysburg, there have been pictures taken of strange, floating lights.

    4 Full body apparition; ghosts can sometimes be seen as an entire

human shape and form. Or sometimes just a face or head have appeared.

At the Stanley Hotel and the Titanic exhibition, full body apparitions have been observed. And ladies in white have appeared in different grave yards around the country.

     Also noises can be made by noisy ghosts. From banging to footsteps, from unseen spiritual beings.



     Types of Hauntings:


     There are different kinds of para-spiritual  activity that investigators delve into;


    1 Residual hauntings; where spirits repeat the same action over and over again and they do not interact with living people. Also known as an imprint.


    2 Intelligent hauntings; where a ghost can interact and possibly communicate  with the living.


    3 Poltergeist; some parapsychologists consider poltergeist to be a form of psychic phenomena called Psychokinesis. This is when a person can move objects by thought alone, without touching them.


    4 Demons, evil spirits, demonology. These types of entities can be dangerous.

Paranormal Triage; is to determine the source of a haunting. You need to find out early about what type of entity you might be dealing with.

    1 Poltergeist activity; if objects are moving around on their own, or floating, or flying through the air, see if there is a young child present in the location. If so, the small boy or girl could have some telekinetic, psychic ability, where they can move things with their mind. If not, it could be a mischievous ghost that is causing objects to move.

    2 Demons; if people are being harmed, scratches on their bodies, or being pushed by an unseen entity. These are signs of a possible demonic presence. That is when you want to seek professional help from an professional  paranormal organization, or a minister that deals with evil spirits.

    3 EMF readings; Use an EMF meter to measure electrical fields in a building. Check where there is electrical wiring, like in a basement if present. Also check outside for nearby electrical towers. 
High EMF fields can cause people to hallucinate, and may explain some sightings of spiritual paranormal activity.

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