Men in Black

Men in Black

A Lesson by Clif

Men in Black are reported to visit people after they have seen a UFO.


      Men in Black, or MIBs; are reported to be men dressed in black suites.  The men are said to try and intimidate the witnesses of UFO sightings, telling them not to say anything to anyone about the phenomena they have observed. They are said to drive in black sedans and show up in black helicopters. Several UFO Investigators have been visited by Men in black sense the 1950s.


       The Men in Black are reported to look strange with pale, white skin. Some theorize that they could be hybrid human and alien beings. Some woman who have been abducted by aliens, report being impregnated during the incident. After carrying a child for months they were taken again by E.T.’s and they say the baby was removed. 


       The reports of MIBS started in 1947 in Washington State, This was the same summer that the first flying saucers were sighted, also in the state of Washington, by pilot named Kenneth Arnold. And the UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Albert Bender, a ufologist was contacted by MIBs in Connecticut in 1953. John Keel was a ufologist and author of “The Mothman Prophecies”.

He was also visited by Men in Black.


       Crop circles are another phenomena that cannot be fully explained by science. Some are the work of hoaxers.  But many cannot be accounted for by people creating field art. UFO lights have been sighted over crop circle formations. It is unknown if extraterrestrials have anything to do with creating them. Aliens from another world could be using crop circles as a form of communications, to humans or other E.T. beings.


       They have largely been reported in England. Crop circles have been found in Wiltshire, U.K.  Orbs of light have been seen flying over the area of the crop formations. A video showing strange lights over crop formation was taken in 1989 in that county in England.


       In the stems of the crops, it has been found that they are bent over by some mysterious force. Crop circles are not simply pushed over by human devices. There are no tracks of people or machines leading into or out of the circle areas. And magnetic field readings have been taken inside the area of crop circles. Some people report feeling ill while in the field patterns. There also has been evidence of static electricity in the formations. 


        Both Men in Black and Crop circles are part of ufology. And they are each associated with extraterrestrial visitations of our planet from other worlds.


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