Trance Channeling

Trance Channeling

A Lesson by Clif

Channeling is when a medium allows a spirit to occupy their body and communicate through them to the living world.


A medium is a person who can see and hear spirits. They are medium way between the living and the departed. Trance channeling is part of Spiritualism. It is the belief that people can communicate with the dead.

Spiritism; also involves using channeling as well. But spiritist also believe in past lives.

       Physical Medium; when a person produces physical responses when channeling a disembodied essence. The communicator utilizes and changes energy.

Mental Medium; use telepathy to communicate with entities of the afterworld. The operator channels the previously living being and relays what they are saying and feeling. 

Trance is also an altered state of consciousness. A medium goes into a trance state and allows  an incorporeal entity to channel through their own body.

Automatic writing; can also be a form of channeling. When a medium creates text manuscripts from an occupying essence inside of them. A person can write about things that they have no knowledge of in their consciousness. And sometimes a channeler can write in languages they do not know.

       Speaking in tongues can also come from spiritual possession.

A medium may speak in a different language, that they are not familiar with.

Polyglot are audible words in multiple languages, usually occurring in EVPs. But electronic voice phenomena, is not the same as trance channeling. It is a different form of spiritual phenomena, utilizing electronic recording devices and  not a living person’s body.

       Charles Richet came up with the term; Xenoglossy, for people writing or talking in another language that the person does not know.

A Walk-in is a long term possession of a living person. Trance medium channeling is utilized to communicate with entities on the astral plane of existence. 

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