Types Of Aliens

Types Of Aliens

A Lesson by Clif

There are different kinds of Extraterrestrials that are reported to be visiting our planet.


The most common Extraterrestrials reported are “ The Greys”.  There are also Reptilian Aliens and Human looking Nordic Extraterrestrials that have been reported by Abductees and Contactees. One of the really interesting things is that Ufologists Believe they Know Where the Aliens are Actually Coming From!

The Grays are small, Humanoid Creatures with large Black Eyes.

The majority of Alien Abduction reports state seeing the Gray Aliens.

The Grays have been seen at closer distances to be flying Disc shaped UFO’s. They have also been sighted piloting Triangular and Cylindrical Space Crafts.

It is believed that the Grays are from a Star system called Zeta Reticuli. It is a Binary Star System, about 39.5 light years from earth, in the constellation Reticulum (Small Net). This information comes from the Star Map that Betty Hill drew, after her Abduction. When she was on board the Space craft, the Aliens showed her a Star Map of where they were from. Later when Betty was Hypnotized, she drew a map from her recollection. Several years after, a School Teacher from Ohio created a model from Betty’s map.  The Teacher matched the Star System in the map to the stars in Zeta Reticuli. The Gray Aliens are also known as the Zeta Reticulans.

There are also Reptilian Aliens. They are reported to be over 7 feet tall with snake or lizard like skin, long tales and glowing red eyes. They can be Green or brown in color. Some Reptilians are said to have Wings. They are also called Reptoids, Amphibians and Serpent Men. The Reptilians have been associated with Disc Shaped UFO’s and Cylindrical type craft. Some Abductions have been reported to be by Reptilian Aliens.

They think the Reptilians come from the Alpha Draconis Star System.  The Thuban star is about 303 light years away from Earth, in the constellation Draco ( The Dragon). This information comes from Alien Abductees. It is interesting that the Reptiloids look a little bit like Dragons.

The Draconians are said to be able to communicate Telepathically with Humans. Abductions by Reptoids have taken place in the Northern U.S. and in England. And the Draconians are believed to be War like, with sinister intentions towards Mankind.

And there are the “Nordic” Extraterrestrials that have been claimed be visiting our Earth. They look like Humans. They are very tall, with Blonde hair and blue eyes and very pale pasty white skin, like Albinos. They also go by names; Pleiadians, Plejarens, Agarthans, Tall Whites and Elves.

The Nordic aliens have been reported to be in Saucer type crafts with Dome tops. Different Human Contactees have claimed to have communicated with these E.T’s sense the 1950’s.

The Pleiadians are thought to be from the Pleiades Star Cluster. It is 7 stars, about 444 light years away from earth. Pleiades is in the constellation Taurus 

(the 7 Sisters).  They are said to come from the planet Erra in that Star system.  This information comes from contactees that have been in communication with them.

Contactees that have communicated with the Aliens from New York, California, Switzerland and Peru.  The Nordics are said to have advanced knowledge of Spiritualism and other Paranormal origins. Different Aliens, like the Grays, are also reported to be able to communicate with people by Telepathic means. 

Another kind of Aliens are Brown Dwarfs, or The Blues. They are said to have brown or blue skin. The Brown Dwarfs often are seen with Grey Zeta Riticulans during Alien Abductions. The Blues also have Telepathic abilities. There is an idea that the Blue Aliens could be from the Andromeda Galaxy. They are referred to as Andromedans.

Some Pleiadians are reported to have light blue skin.

       The Hopkinsville Goblins were reported in Kentucky in 1955.

They were small figures with large ears. They could be related to the Zeta Reticulins? Maybe they were a different race of the same species?

Or the Goblins could have been from a different planet in the same star system?

       The Flatwoods Monster was seen in Flatwoods, West Virginia in 1952. It was a tall, almost reptile like being on a hovering platform. The Flatwoods monster could have been a Reptilian type Alien from Alpha Draconis? or a different species from completely different Star cluster? Or maybe from an Alternate Universe? Who knows.



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