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Kaze no Yojimbo

12 Years Ago

Alternative title:
Bodyguard of the Wind
Yojimbo of the Wind
旋風の用心棒 (Japanese)
바람의 요짐보 (Korean)
바람의 용심봉 (Korean)
Genres: action, adventure, mystery
Age rating: Teenagers 16 and up (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
Plot Summary: In search for Araki Genzo, George Kodama finds himself in the small town of Kimujuku. George quickly realizes that he is unwelcome and is warned to leave as soon as possible. With two rival syndicates roaming the streets and a dark violent past, the town of Kimujuku isn't what it appears to be. George challenges the town of Kimujuku in order to reveal the towns dark hidden past and discover the truth. Loosly based on the Akira Kurosawa's 1961 masterpiece, "Yojimbo"-George Kodama is a pretty intelligent tough guy investigating an incident that occurred in a small town of Kimujuku (Place of no demons) over 15 years ago. However, the local town folk have been feeling a bit uneasy since his arrival of this wandering stranger. George is soon caught up in the middle of a bloody gang fight as both groups fight for overall control of the town. Amidst the fighting, shooting, and deadly alliances you will enjoy all 25 episodes.  
# Title Original air date
1 "Gone With the Dust"
2 October 2001
2 "Snake Swamp"
9 October 2001
3 "The Bodyguard"
16 October 2001
4 "Beauty and the Poison"
23 October 2001
5 "The Pursuit"
30 October 2001
6 "The Gate Wouldn't Rise"
6 November 2001
7 "Legend of the Demon"
13 November 2001
8 "The Casino Train"
20 November 2001
9 "The 15-Year Truth"
27 November 2001
10 "Red Dreams, White Memories"
4 December 2001
11 "Lurking in the Gloom"
11 December 2001
12 "The Echo"
18 December 2001
13 "The Man Who Returned"
25 December 2001
14 "False Reconciliation"
1 January 2002
15 "The Counterattack"
8 January 2002
16 "Swapping Hostages"
15 January 2002
17 "The Great Sting"
22 January 2002
18 "The Vendetta"
29 January 2002
19 "The Sniper"
5 February 2002
20 "Bingo"
12 February 2002
21 "The Search for the Truth"
19 February 2002
22 "Tanokura Manor Ablaze"
26 February 2002
23 "The Great Excursion"
3 March 2002
24 "The Close Call"
12 March 2002
25 "So Long"
19 March 2002