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New Writing- To Speak Up About "Positive" Stereotypes

5 Months Ago

In regards to the past few months, I have been reluctant to write "It's a Compliment" as I quickly asked myself, "shouldn't I be happy to be treated with "positive" stereotypes? 
"Yes, I should be happy," I reminded myself every day. "Yes and no, I also shouldn't be happy."
I spent the last couple of days writing as if it was my diary. My only objective was to write and look back on it when I'm older, yet I wonder if any other Asian student had ever felt insecure like me. This morning I published it to Writers' Cafe, which felt pleasant. This issue I was very bitter about but felt great to mentally escape from the restrictions of expectations of what a good Asian should be. 
I hope with this I can connect to other Asian students, or even non-Asian students, to develop my claim that "positive" stereotypes rather harm than bring compliments.