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15 Years Ago

Do you believe it has
The ability to write on the supernatural?
Me personally I believe it has done both. Why? Well it has helped because you can find information more easily. And that has also hindered it. The artistic licence is not as free, because of the vast information super highway. Because if your readers find any info that contradicts you. They are going to believe you are as bright as a closed casket and are going to drop your book like a ton of bricks. Plus make sure all their friends and family know it.
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15 Years Ago

I really do think it varies because it allows you to find the source material to write the non-fiction stuff and back it up with the research. For instance I wrote about E.V.P. and needed more materials to use to expand on it. My former room mate was an expert in this field so I spoke to him about it then I went and watched a few movies on it after the fact the story got published. It all varies on the story if it is a work of fiction then do more research for the effect to be even more scary.
        The more researched you are on the subject then you can make the story even more effective. That is what I did when I wrote Apt. #2W then a lot of my research for some true ghost stories are my own memory of the places too. My relatives sent me a newspaper clipping about the very subject that took place in Forrest Park, Illinois, where a house is haunted but I can't remember where exactly it was in Forrest Park, Illinois. The story that got me published in Tales of the Talisman was a true ghost story I wrote about Maryknoll College. So it took a lot of research on my part on some of the stories while the others just fell on my lap such as the one that is on Darklines.
        I got authors who appeared with me on the anthologies I got published in looking at the true ghost stories saying they've never been on a ghost hunt all the years they've been writing horror fiction. Especially if they were writing supernatural horror.