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10 Years Ago

Hello friends, How are all of you? Me, I'm fine i love living and all that crap. <fake> RESTART Hi this group is to not be fake and say things you know are a lie. This group is for 'The Misunderstood' not just for the beautiful people who wear black all the time [i try my best not to] but it for the people who just feel like the don't belong. some of you are not sure what to do here that is okay but as soon as you join this group that means you are part of a family that does not make sense to sociaty that is what we are. Please post some of your works talk to the other members, get to know each other.You might meet people that you can share interest in maybe i share some interest too. Have a good day everyone.   Your Freaky Friend,   The Unknown Rose or Pepper What ever you choose