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Sunday 10:13 PM, November 8, 2009

9 Years Ago

I'm bringing this back to life! Yesh!


It's a book called Dark King's Rise. Written by code241. I like it... it's only one chapter long! So read it and review!

(and I don't remember if I'm even allowed to do this... or if it was just Bunnie's job. Heh... *blushes* sorry, if I stole your job!)

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9 Years Ago

Oh no, by all means, have at it!!! That was one of the main reasons I started this, because I wanted EVERYONE to pitch in and nominate (is that the right word?) writings from other people that they really liked. That way, more people get more publicity, and in turn one sort of learns about the person doing the nominating and what they like! :)