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16 Years Ago

Greetings, friends --

As I'm resting up from a day of cleaning and phone calls because we have to put the house on the market due to my dad's Alzheimer's and to be closer to my sister so she can be more present, I've been feeling the need for a local support group for times like this.  This caused me to wonder how you all manage in your lives -- or did manage -- at times of upheaval?  Did/Do you have support groups or, at the least, a support system of friends and family?  Can/Did they relieve you at times and give you some respite?

I've been so busy and my mind so focused on the necessities of getting the house ready for viewing that my creative edge is disappearing.  I know it won't for long, but just now I can't write; instead I read through some of my old/previous works, hoping for inspiration.  I look through my quilt books hoping a cheery photo will spur me into a sewing mood.  I see the corner that houses some of my art supplies growing steadier emptier as I put them aside or into boxes that will be stored for the duration, all the while wondering what I should keep out in case I need to or have the urge to -- finally -- create something.

Do you have the same experience?  Does your creativity dry up when your physical and psychic energies are needed elsewhere?

Wouldn't it be nice if we could find somebody who feels called to come into such situations to give family and caregivers some creative respite and energy restoration?  Now there's a vocation that's surely needed!

Thanks for letting me muse on ....