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My Father - a former rocket scientist

15 Years Ago

My father passed away 6 years ago from complications from Alz.  It was his most feared ending as for him loosing his mental faculty was losing everything.  He spent his career designing and building aerospace components for rockets, equipment that went to the moon and 3/4's of the fuslage for the 747 while at Northrop.  It was a horrible end for him and he was 82.  He was 50 when I was born and his marriage to my mother was his second, and I was an only child except for half-siblings old enough to be my parents that live in Michigan so it was all up to me to navigate care for him.  My mother is schizophrenic and hardly capable of caring for herself so you can imagine.  She laughed when he was calling out on his death bed through the fog of a morphine drip.  She is very much like a child in her reaction to things so it was difficult and I think the worst part was my husband having to watch me go through it.  So anyways, hope to add some chapters in my book that discuss my father more in detail but currently he has a part in The Hallway.