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Hello, can anyone tell me anything about this group

11 Years Ago

why and how it got started?  Or where the owner is?  Who is the owner of this group anyway?  It is nice to meet you all.

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11 Years Ago

By the way someone told me that the owner of this group was a really nice person. They told me this person worked really hard on their writing and did an excellent job of doing antipsychiatry work.  However, that the person is not allowed in this site any more?  If that is true and this group is still here how can that be?  Doesn't it at least need to let that person take their work out and give the group to someone else if people don't want them here?  It just seems a bit strange to me.  Is it traditional to get people to post to this site and then take their writing and or put them out?  What can you tell me about this group?  Nice to meet all of you.