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Monthly / Bi-monthly magazine -- Agreement

11 Years Ago

Please find below an initial draft of the agreement for contributors to the magazine.
I have yet to come up with a title for the publication .. I may organises a contest for suggestions.

Please feel free to leave any comments or queries you have on the points below.

1.        Copyright for all contributions remains with the author.

2.        Contributors will receive a royalty of 10p per copy sold, for each story printed.  Contributors will receive a royalty of 5p per copy sold, for each poem printed.

3.        Royalties will be paid on the basis of contributions printed, not contributions submitted.

4.        If a piece of work is unsuccessful in making it into a particular issue, it may be held on file for a future issue.  If this is the case, you will be informed prior to your story/poem being released.

5.        Payment of royalties is primarily made via Paypal.  For this system to work, Aquarius Publications require a valid email address attached to a Paypal account.  Other methods of payment may be agreed by prior arrangement.

6.        Work should ideally be submitted electronically, either via WritersCafe, email, disk or other suitable medium.  Printed work may be accepted, but more time should be allowed in order for the work to be typed up.

7.        Work will NOT be included within the magazine without your express written permission (Email, post or by hand).

8.        Work posted on the Aquarius Publication's Group page of WritersCafe, or any other site, will not automatically be considered as a submission.

9.        Royalties will be calculated at the end of each month, on or around the 27th.

10.     Royalties will be paid at the beginning of each month, on or around the 2nd.

11.     Each contributors royalty for the month will be calculated as:

  • Story: Royalty = (�0.10 x number of contributions) x number of issues sold.
  • Poem: Royalty = (�0.05 x number of contributions) x number of issues sold.

12.     Royalty payments for each month will include sales of issues for that particular month, as well as any and all back issues sold in that month.

13.     Submissions may be made in a number of ways:

a.        Through general submission by the author.  (Following point 6 of this agreement, and with a declaration confirming that you give permission for the piece of work to be submitted.)

b.       Via a contest, either through the WritersCafe site or any other medium.  (With a declaration confirming that you give permission for the piece of work to be submitted.)

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RRP (Recommended Retail Price) -- Breakdown of cover price

11 Years Ago

Printers: £2.44
Contributors: £1
Retailer: £0.50
Publisher: £1.31
Shipping: £1.50

Total: £6.75

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Bi-monthly magazine

11 Years Ago

I've compiled about half the magazine, but still have around thirty pages to fill. Anyone who has anything else they would like to contribute, such as full book reviews, reviews of WritersCafe authors, or anything else that might be relevant to the magazine, should email them to me within the next three days.

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[no subject]

11 Years Ago

Thanks for your efforts Richard.

I would have been much happy to contribute more stories or book reviews to this first issue, only horror and sci-fi it's not the kind of literature I read or write.  In future issues, I hope to be able to send more. 


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Issue One

11 Years Ago

Issue one of Babel's Gate is now complete and ready for release. I am still waiting for the return of one agreement, and will compile the magazine as soon as it has been received.

After carrying out some research I have decided not to distribute the first issues through retail channels, but to sell it primarily through the printers website. There are a number of reasons for this.

  • Printed copies are cheaper when ordered on-line. The retail price of the publication has been marked at £6.75, which includes shipping costs and a mark-up for the retailer. Purchasing direct from the site will be £4.50 for the printed version, and around £2.75 for a download.
  • Allocation of an ISSN number, which is required by most retailers before they will stock a serial publication, takes at least 30 days to process. This would take us well past the launch date of the first issue.

The Halloween (Oct/Nov) and Christmas (Dec/Jan) issues will be available on-line from The Caprica Book Store.

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Re: Monthly / Bi-monthly magazine

11 Years Ago

is it horror and sci-fi stuff you are looking for? is there any other particulars you may want for this magazine?