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Remember Me

9 Years Ago

Once I was here first -|- With everyone from there loved thirst -|- We built this world before any one else or their births -|-  The sun was pure it burst -|- The moon gave light and more life to the earth -|- Castles and walls -|- Palaces and Burgs -|- All the eagles, lions, wolves and the storks -|- The cobra and the horse -|- Monkeys, tigers, turtles and the crocs -|- The trees, the flowers, the cactuses and palms -|- Sweet mary jane tobaccos and cogniacs -|- Gold and the stones -|- Silver, bronze and nickel for the prince -|- Mountains and high rocks -|- Oceans, seas, lakes and the ponds -|- The river that runs -|- The sky and the clouds -|- The sands the caves the lands and the mud -|- The commets, the nebulas, the salestials and the stars -|- The music, the theatres, the statues and the art -|- All this life I love all this oath I heart -|- We are here once again and so are the writes.     Aram Aram   Aram Ken