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Hi, everyone!

11 Years Ago

There are so many authors from Arizona, and I think this is a place so full of natural beauty that it is conducive to many kinds of creativity.   I love to read about history, myths, folklore, superstitions, metaphysics and ancient customs, in addition to my usual fantasy, sci fi and supernatural. Some of what I read about ends up in my stories, but mostly I write from my life, dreams, beliefs and childhood pretend games. It's amazing the deep insights I've drawn out of stories I originally came up with at ten or twelve or fourteen. I rarely throw out my old drafts, so I can see where I've been.   Besides writing fiction, I write poetry, make bead jewelry, collect pewter figurines and occasionally draw. I'm a full-time mom right now, with two part-time jobs. So, tell me about you - what are your interests?