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So, what's your book about?

12 Years Ago

            Lots of members are coming in, which means lots of books. I don’t know really HOW to put in our works for people to read or if we just click on other users. Thus, I just added a new thread so people could give however long of a summary they want for their books. I’ll try reading lots since I have a lot of time on my hands after school.



My books- the main book I�m working on is not on this site, but it�s almost complete.

Other than that I have lots of stories. I mostly work on my poetry and three Fantasy-Teen books though. Which are


Symbols: A story of a �scene� girl with bad temper and what happens after she steals a diary and finds out a whole new point of view on life.  


The Game: The oddball at middle school ends up having physic powers and is forced into The Game where she must fight for her life.


All Things Blue: a teen girl looses her memories, forgetting of her father�s death, and is forced to a psychiatrist in hopes to regain them.


            So feel free to post a summary about your story and read each others.

            And good luck in the publishing world. I might be some stubborn thirteen year old, but I know its hard stuff.




Amelia Rose

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12 Years Ago

As for me I only have one book posted on WC right now since I'm trying to work on only one so I can try and break my curse of never finishing a book. Mine is a vampire novel called "Moonlight Denial" and I have been working on for close to a year now and have twenty-one chapters, including a prologue (not all of them are posted just yet. I'm taking my time on getting them up here.) But, as a warning, I will also say that is has a homoerotic flavor to it and I know a lot of people aren't into that kind of thing. Here's the summary for mine!


Moonlight Denial: Nicoli Vurkeshaun moves to the town of Whixton and already hates it. He hates the town, the people, and that most in the town believe in the supernatural. Nicoli is very founded in his belief that reality is only what you can see in front of you and thoughts of vampires, witches, and werewolves are just for morons. Unbeknownst to him, however, is that a chance encounter and the events that follow close after will turn his beliefs, as well as his world, completely upside down.

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12 Years Ago

At the current moment I am working on two stories at the moment trying to get the hang of first person.

1. My first story is on here and it is called Sync. The story revolves around a 15 year old girl named Minamo and her discovery of the heavenly bodies and the strange creatures called the Sync. She soon learns that the whole future revolves around what path that is destined for her. Die at the hands of the strange woman named Hima, or stop her and the Sync to fix the world, before it dies right before her eyes.

2. This story is called Nore: but this one isn't on the website at the moment. This revolves around 18 year old Sandra "Sandy" Lee and her strange abbility to change objects and make them to different things. She meets a boy naamed Damien and is thrown into the strange world of darkness and learns that she is the only one who can destroy Nore. But the problem is that the only way she can become stronger is if she does the impossible...takes someones life.

Yeah I am debating whether or not to put that one up. I would really like feedback though just to see what people think. So umm. we'll if you have read this then go ahead and check out my story Sync, I love the feed back that i have been getting so please that would be very much appreciated. Well till next time bye bye.

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12 Years Ago

Well I have two books in progress right now. Demon's Rule was an idea I had and wanted to start before I get. But my other novel, Destiny's Fools, is my main and pet.

Demon's Rule:

The games began long ago, a battle for vengence and a broken heart. Now generations later, the last stretch is finally in sight. Rules have been set and to break them could mean death.
Rhiamon never asked for any of this. Her ability to see and converse with the dead. Her power to control things virtually unseen. She had just wanted to go to college and escape her painful past. However, fate had a different idea as she was thrust into a war started centuries ago. Now she must face her memories and learn to open her heart. Can the goth witch do what she vowed never to attempt?
Jasper has always had a love for animals, mystical ones in particular. His ability to summon his dragon companion had always fasinated him and he never hesitated to fly upon the creatures back. The add in the paper for work caught his eye. A ranch hand to help care for the horses and grounds, wide open territory with his own place above the barn. How could the twenty year old pass it up? So he packed his things and flew to his new home. Little did he know what waited for him? Can he warm the ice queen's heart and help fight for life itself?
Let the games begin.

Destiny's Fools:

“You can’t fool DESTINY but DESTINY can fool you.”

By Brittaney Rogers


Many a year ago, a woman lived. She had friends, family, and respect from her peers. That was until they turned on her and killed her. Now, in the present, Kalina Johnson dreams of her. Watching her life progress to its end every night her head hits the pillow. Then on her first day of high school, Kalina sees the woman�s execution. But it wasn�t at night, with the comfort of dreams. Instead, the vision comes to her when she is awake.


That was just the beginning. Now Kalina learns of her heritage and new life. She is now a blood witch with the weight of the world on her shoulders. As leader, she must lead her coven sisters to their destiny. For the prophecy says. �The door will open,

HE will emerge,

Bringing terror and death upon the world,

Unless five are born

Locking The Door forever.�


Can Kalina and her friends do it? Or is the world cursed to live in terror? Or are they all just Destiny�s Fools.

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12 Years Ago

I have my first two chapters of my novel titled"ORDER IN THE COURT" on WC. I am in the processing of editing these chapters. I first was telling the story in third person, I changed it to first person. I have it typed on my computer and when it is finished I will edited on WC.

My novel is about a 35 year old Lawyer who received a mystery gift(a pair of handcuffs) at his front door. He believes he knows who sent them but he is very surprise at the real person who sent them to him. He later gets married. He met her at a night club.