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Long Absence

9 Years Ago

Hello, members of A.W.D.

I’ve been very busy, and therefore, regrettably, have neglected my responsibilities to all of you. I'm very sorry. To all of you new members, I say hello, and welcome. I hope you fit in well, and please submit only the top 5 of your best pieces. I hope you understand: I have over 200 members, and I five submitted works-a-pop is easily 1000+ submissions. You see how this can stress me out? Remember: If you want something new posted on here after already having submitted 5 pieces, send a request from me saying what you’d like to submit and what you’d like to have taken down, and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

I believe that I�ll be around a lot more often, and therefore I encourage you all to be active in the forums. Post anything you think is relevant:  books/stories you want to recommend, where you can find them, discussions on the meaning of stories, and the like. I really hope every can have a better experience here. I�ll also start back up with the featured member of the week, but it will no longer be at random. I think I�ll factor in Forum participation, for starters�

Have a good time here with your friends, because here we all are friends!