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United States of America/ Altantis

16 Years Ago

Akix, would look out of her window as she would wonder about the tales of alantis and how its orgins began to form. Her eyes shimmered nicely as she would be utterly confused. She would read the articles that were given to her over and over again. She worked as a marine biologist. But she also did mythlogical creatures and legends and tales of far places that may had existied.

She would allow her hair shimmer in the sun light. It had to be at least 50 degrees outside. It would be mid May. She would give a soft smile as she would look over to her laptop seeing a message pop up from her boss at work at the Marine Sanctuary. She wondered what it could mean. She got on her shirt that had her name on it and a whale with ocean on it saying "Members of the Ocean, Marine Sanctuary of the United States". She worked for the government due to her being Vice President of the United states.

She would wonder about all of it as she entered her work place, jumping into her comfy chair as she saw her assigments and what she needed to work on. She saw it the Tales of Atlantis as she groaned as she said aloud," Damnit.....I hate this type of work" she looked up Greece as she saw the Atlantis was located or, was located off the coasts of Sicily.