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Still Wondering about Bipolar Disorder?

14 Years Ago

I have live with my bipolar husband since our marriage twelve years ago.  It hasn't been easy either. 

There are many things that I have had to put up with the past twelve years.  One is that my husband can never really make up his mind from one minute to the next.  He'll agree that we will wait to do something, and five minutes later, he'll decide to do just the opposite. 

Another thing my husband does that drives me crazy, is stress out--ALOT!  You name it, and he stresses out about it.  It can be anything from our finances, crime, gangs, or drugs.

My husband has a bad habit of wanting to move alot.  It's like, he can't be happy in one place.  Since we've been married, my husband and I have moved around more than twenty times.  That's alot for just twelve years. 

Since being on his medication, my husband is better; I just wish his doctors could find a way to help him get over some of his major problems and issues.