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Please help! If you do, I'll return the favor.

11 Years Ago

Please read and review my books, "The Misery of Bess" and "F**k it!".  I am in the process of completing book one of my mini-series of Bess (these books are solely created for humor so they are short and sweet, straight to the point) and once it's complete I'll be sending it off to my illustrator to strengthen it with incredible drawings and could use some advice on what I've gotten so far. 

I'd also like full-detailed reviews on my book, "F**k it!".  It is still in an editing process as well is not near done, I still have a lot to do to make it what I want so it's in rough draft stages and I have barely even begun to describe who the main character is and what will happen through out her story - there will be a lot - so it's more lengthy and more realistic and meant for helping others see that no matter what happens in life, be yourself and enjoy it.  So I could use reviewers to help edit my work, help me better my work and hopefully help me become a published writer because of this piece.  This story means a lot to me, it's been in my head for years and it's finally time I completed the story of Tabby, she'd be grateful. 

Do this and I'll read any story or book you have and need reviews on.  Let me know and I'll do so!