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10 Years Ago

Hey guys my debut novel is on sale now through my publishers shop and out world wide 13-8-13. Some of you may have even read it , Life of The Rock star. Those of you who haven't read it below is the description of my book.On return to his home town for his last gig of his tour, famous rock star Kacy kay meets a woman who will change his life forever. What he doesn't know is she has a secret.Nicole is half vampire and half human. When she gets the chance to meet her favorite singer her world is complete. But from the first second she lays eyes on him she knows there is something not normal about him, something which she knows is not human, What that maybe she just can’t lay her finger on it.When she falls for Kacy she feels complete, but when her family gets attacked her world starts to fall apart.Violence, love, death and music follow the Life Of The Rock Star.I also have a collection of erotica stories available now on amazon kindle. The links are all below, including the one to my website, enjoy :)