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New Contest Announcement for film makers and those interested in entertainment

15 Years Ago

This is for our social community dealing with Film Making. I am a Film Maker so i have set this up...

the community can be located here:


Ok we need a good header and logo for this community. I thought of designing one myself, and when i was looking through super 8 style film cells, etc. to gather ideas i thought well why not have a contest and see who can decide the best.
so here is the deal. If you wish to take part in the contest here is what lets do.
desigin what you think the sites header and logo should be completely and send me the files as attachments in jpeg format. try to get them to the right sizes or close to the right sizes so they do not come out too distorted if i have to manipulate them.
the winner will recieve a free months subscription to breadstreet investors union to try it out, and then it goes to the regular rates. so basically you get a free one month subscription worth 49.95 for free.
let's begin the contest now and wrap it up say the 1st of next month.


Jim Cotter will be on tommorrow and will post a bio as well as begin posting personal poetry and writings of a non advertising nature. Definately good stuff.