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Getting "Lucky" and "Property of the us postal service."

11 Years Ago

Thanks for the comments on Lucky it and property of the us postal service were fun pieces to write.

I think it helps writers become better when they write from the point of veiw of something that is not familiar to them. Now one could argue that a couch or a mail box is indeed very familiar to them but that is far from the truth because you've stripped the object its ability to think and feel. Disney did a great kids movie that explains this in a perfectly, I think it's called "The brave little toaster." Anyway you've got this toaster, a lamp, a window unit air conditioner, an electric blanket, and a radio, who all go on a journey to find this kid who grow's up and moves to college. They deal with growing old and loosing their usefulness. New items of the latest style and technology are brought in to replace them. All kinds of things and I think if we all as readers took a step back from our normal way of thinking and imagined what we would think something like a pencil sharperner, which in my house has a very limited life span, would think and feel it may open up and expand our ability to be creative writers.