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LGBTQ Contest

13 Years Ago

I don't think you can add contests already created to the contest part of a group... (and if you can, could someone show me how?) Either way... here's a little information on an LGBTQ contest I'm hosting. Obviously it's gay/queer/homosexual. For the link again... click here.

Here is the description... No heterosexuality allowed! I want anything that lies on the other side of the rainbow. Gay, lesbian, transsexual, questioning, bisexual, pansexual, crossdressing, intersex, and anything that wears a red necktie or a blue star tattoo.

Romance or no romance as long as it's queer. I love comedy so please give me some humor. Queer writing doesn't always have to be a serious social commentary.

However, you are not being judged on how prominent gay themes are in your writing. You are judged on the quality of your writing. Plot, grammar, spelling, character development, rhythm, flow, etc (in concerns to what type of writing you are submitted. I don't expect profound character development in poetry or pattern and rhyme in stories).

No books or chapters. Short stories have a 5000 word limit.

If you please, enter the contest ^.^ I only have 10 submissions right now and could use more!