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What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar? (contest)

13 Years Ago

Exactly as it sounds... What Would You Do For a Klondike Bar? I only have one submission... and there are six awards that can be won. PLEASE ENTER! I beg you.

Description here:
Write me a poem, story or stage play about the drastic most insane measures you can think of for what someone could possibly do in order to gain a Klondike bar.

With this... I'm looking for HUMOR. I want to laugh, I want to giggle, I want to go "omg... is that really happening and how did that get up there?" My favorite version of humor is satire. I'm also very partial to cynical humor and witty humor. Like the wonderful Xander humor from Buffy. Basically... try to think of really absurd, hilarious, and completely illogical things that you would do to get a wondrous Klondike bar.

A good example of what kind of humor I'm looking for is "Brainteasers" by BriTANick on youtube. Link here:

2. HUMOR! Be funny. And not stupid... Napoleon Dynamite or Epic Movie humor... that humor just sucks in my opinion.
3. Satire and mockery are awesome!
4. Wit! If you don't understand the art of being witty... look up Oscar Wilde. He is the expert.
5. Short stories must be under 4000 words long.
6. Stage plays must be One-act plays limited to 40 minutes.
7. You are also being judged on spelling and grammar. I am an editor and a critic... Spell check and read over your work before you post.

Again... please enter. Here's the link again: click here.