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Welcome to the Group!

10 Years Ago

Feel free to post your controversial writing in this group.  You may post anything that may strike controversy within a reader:  the life of a porn star(not erotica), secrets, and scandals.  Feel free to be creative.  You may post anything you feel may be controversial.  This group isn't really about where you stand religious-wise, or how you feel about abortion, but more about fictional writing dealing with creative controversy.

                                                                          ~ Joe
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10 Years Ago

Hi ho Joe!  Ah not really sure what you want in here.  Do you want posts of writting that will get under peoples skin so to start a polite(or maybe not so polite)  arguement over the topic written about?  Like for examples:  Writtings about Religion, politics, abortion, bigots, etc.

Maybe you could have a more indepth intro for us groupies.   I'll wait to find out before I start posting.  Later Joe.

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