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Children of the gods

12 Years Ago

Alright this takes place after the last olympian and all of the other percy jackson books Yes it is a demigod thread Greek gods if you where asking.                                Character form info: 
Name: (Anything you want!)

Age: (14-18)
 Parent[s]: (Who is your godly parent?)  Claimed: (Have you been claimed by you parent)

Power's: (What power[s] dose he/she have?)

Pet: (Optional. You don't have to put this if you don't want too)

Appearance: (It MUST include: eye color, hair color and design, skin type, clothing-dress, shirt, skirt, pants, shorts, jeans, shoes, accessories, etc.-)

Personality: (What dose your student/character act like? Are they mean? Nice? Rude? Air-head? Hot head? Jerk? Goofy? Klutz? Lucky? Unlucky? What are they? Let us know so we may understand the character)

Back story: (It doesn't need to be long. It can be short if you want to)

Color: (What color will your character be so other's, and us, can know who is talking at the moment?)

Note: Do not start the story with out my permission. When Everyone that wants to join for now puts their info up, I'll let you know when we can start it.
P.s. You may write in first person if you want.
Oh, and just to warn you, I MIGHT just MIGHT mail you a correction for your spelling/MAYBE grammar.
Well. Have fun making your character!
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Re: Children of the gods

12 Years Ago

Name: Denzel noble

Age: 16
Parent[s]: posiedon, and artemis  Claimed: Was since birth

Power's: Water, earthquakes, can talk to animals, extremly good acuracy, shadows (to hide in and move)

Pet: a wolf

Appearance: Black hair, piercing ocean blue eyes, pale moon-like skin, All black and dark blue clothes
  Weapon: A trident, two daggers, a scythe, and a bow with arrows made of shadows dipped with the most potent posion witch all shapeshift's from a black coin

Personality: Nice, Charming, if you piss off will be mean, can be flirty

Back story: Can be a god but his father posiedon took his god ability away till he proves himself, His mother (Artemis) trained his from the moment he was born, How he uses shadows got it from a titan he killed and also a gift from his mother, after training with the followers of artemis and even her sometimes she decided to send him to camp half-blood.

Color: Dark blue!!!!!!
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Demi Green

12 Years Ago

Name: Demi Green

Age: 15

Parents: Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty and then the father is Victor Green, a mortal.

Claimed: By her father.

Race: Demi-God

Power: With a single kiss, or even a flirtatiose wink, anyone is cast upon her spell, instant;y falling in love with her. (Which can be a bad and good thing.) Some times she'll do it to get out of trouble.

Looks: The most beautiful being ever! She has long ruby red hair, sapphire blue eyes and skin as pale as the most beautiful peach you'd ever see. She comes from Rome, but lived in the big city in New York, wearing the most popular and prettyest clothes. Her clothing style changes everyday, but she always wears a locket necklace she was given from her mother, ever sence she was born. It holds her fathers picture, due to her mother being a secret.

Back story: Demi was born in Rome, where her father, Victor, met Apphrodite. After a year of caring for Demi, Apphrodite sadly had to leave, leaving the rest up to the father. They moved away from Rome, Now living in New York City and living a normal life...That is, until Demi get's her powers for charming people. When she got her powers she was sent to go to the camp for Demi-gods.

Color: Green!
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Re: Children of the gods

12 Years Ago

Name: Fiona
Parents: Hades, mother is unknown
Age: 17
Pet: Polar Bear Dog
Power: Raising the dead and Air, shadow travel and dream Eating along with fire
Appearence: Has long black hair with a black arrow on her forehead, wearing a chinese top and baggy black pants. Arrows going down her hands and feet as well. Wearing white buckled boots that reach her knees and wearing golden bracelets and purple eyes. A black over coat and a veil filled with a potion that'll either heal or kill.
Personality: Rather, happy yet dark with a split personality, very out going, loves hugs and eating. loves to spend money
Back Story: Ran away from the Underworld when her father refused to tell her who her mother was. Only leads are Air and Dream Eating, so she's dedicated her life to finding her. Was found by monks who took her in a raised her; opening her up to Religions and Greek Mythology. Was found and all monks were killed, being accused of kidnapping and was sent to school.   
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Re: Children of the gods

12 Years Ago

Name : Seth
Age : 17
Parent : Hephaestus  Claimed : yeah
Powers : Can control fire ; blacksmith 
Appearance : Silver moon eyes, black/silvery hair it's very short-emo haircut with side swept bangs. Black jeans, black shirt with silver dragon. Black Vans w/ grey stitches around the shoe. Wears a right fingerless glove thats silver and has black stitching. Has a necklace(chain whatever) thats a sword with a red dragon round it. Swords blade is real. And has spider bites !!!!     
Weapons : silver daggers, basically he can make weapons so anything works 
Personality :When he.s around girls, he.s clumsy,flirty,nice,sweet,charming. He.s a heartbreaker. When around other people,guys. He.s a jerk,badass,rude. When in wars, he.s determined to win(though he knows he.s guna win). He has more of an evil side ; he.s into blood and gore.
Background story : At age 7 he found out the truth about his father. He ran away at age 11 leaving behind his sick mom at Kansas. Went to texas to visit his cousin, at age 13 moved to New york, were he finds danger at his private school. he is then sent to camp half blood.
Color : Grey

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Re: Children of the gods

12 Years Ago

Name: Carin Holmquest

Age: 15
 Parent[s]: Athena and The Doctor (yes, you guessed it :))  Claimed: yes.

Power's: regeneration, omniscience

Pet: fox-squirrel

Appearance: storm cloud grey eyes, shoulder-length wavy hair that usually in a messy half bun, huge glasses that cover half of her face, rosy skin, an off-white loose shirt and dark blue skinny jeans along with Nike dunks.  
  Weapon[s]: The sonic screw driver. A short sword

Personality: is comical, and thinks very fast. She also speaks very fast. She can come off as a jerk unintentionally. 

Back story: She is the daughter of the Doctor and Athena, and was left in the car of the Doctor, until he deemed that she should have her own adventure and dropped her off at camp Half-Blood. Yes, she IS half Time Lord and a demi-god :)

Color: Bow ties are cool :)