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Murder by Surprise

10 Years Ago

        August ‎15, ‎2012
                 Murder by Surprise '

 Mass, murder, not again!
Has this town even had  time to mend;
Brings back memories of Columbine,
Another white  man has lost his mind;
71 shot &12 are dead ,
All because he lost his head;
They say he was a brilliant man,
With a scholarship given to just 6 in all the land;
3 young men in the theatre that night, 
that guarded there girls with all there might;
Threw there bodies in the sight,
Where it was the bulletts they bite;
There was a woman shot 4 times in the head,
She beat the odds shes not dead;
They come at us with such suprise,
We can only pray that it is not our demise...