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What is DUALITY?

15 Years Ago

          Duality is taking a look at something from two directly opposite directions or viewpoints.  As the Photo for the group shows, the car can be driven forward in either direction.  Our challenge here is to write a piece, then re-write so it is coming from, or going in, the exact opposite direction. 

          So if you have a poem about "Love", re-write it so it is about "Hate".  If you have written a story about, oh lets get crazy here, a person being bite by a vampire, and becomming a vampire themeselves, re-write it so that the person being bit, bites the vampire and turns him back into a normal human.  Or if you have a murder mystery story written in the veiwpoint of the killer, re-write it so it is from the viewpoint of the person to be killed.

          So either the viewpoint of the writting is opposite, or the actual plot/storyline is directly opposite.

          Hopefully that helps explain what this group is about.  You don't need to write both versions, {But you must POST both versions.}just take some of your current writtings, and re-write them from the opposite viewpoint, or take it in the opposite direction, while keeping the basic idea of the original writting.  Make sense? 

         Now go get writting!!!!!