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11 Years Ago

The Eldrida is a Noble warrior that can control the Powers of the land which are; Fire, Strength, Water, Wind, and Light. For they also hold the powers of nobilty. They are known as a never aging Warriors. They were long forgotten but not dead. It is said that they live in the deepest waters of the Land protected by the Last Castle that will never be discovered, but through imagination.

They also hold the powers over shapeless objects The power of wind is said to be the gait way into another dimension of a spiritual Realm .

The Power of fire is said to multiply in a never ending Battle also known to Altercate into a dragon. The dragon is well know as Kenward The Golden Dragon the protector of the Secret garden, were the fruit of mortality is beddin in the bulb of an enlighten clear rose.

Strength is said to be an equal of wind Strength give you the ability over Surface and the ability to spring into and out the ground.

Water is one of the strongest power in the Eldrida's possession it give the ability to mirror them selves and multiply there attack and a good source of defense.

Light is the source of all Powers to will. It gives the ability to replenish those who are hurt It also is a massive wall of defence and attacks. The Eldridas never leaned the full extension of the Light for it is not easily controled.
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Re: Eldridas

11 Years Ago

I like that you based it off of elements, but added a new element: strength. Very cool. I've got some pretty cool story ideas myself, but I have to say yours sounds pretty cool.