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Light at the end of the Tunnel

14 Years Ago

Now things are Looking Up

I am sure the "Recession" has been in the front of everyone's mind, we all know of the disasters and sudden loss in esteem for those more directly affected....

The sun has started to shine the temperature up a few degrees the cherry blossoms out and we finally seem to be climbing out of a long winter (Cept my mates in Ozz of course) and I have a big beaming smile on my face (Maybe it's Wind)

The answer of course is to  bugger off to Perth...... which is tempting....

This last winter the "Soap Opera" Voting in Obama sort of kept my eye off the fact that the weather was crap and the nights far too long...that followed by the first hundred days...And all those Billions of dollars "Paid Out to the Rich? and Needy

America (Well Hollywood) created a new Black Princess that kisses frogs... Maybe they are going to turn Obama into a King??? Americans love to buy titles but Royalty has to be sort of born or married into so I am not sure how it could work..

Real Life Pirates  less the Jolly Rogers are being dealt with...that should reduce the cash flow in a country so poor....etc...

Poor Old Mexico is being blasted with drug wars shoot out's with the police... border problems...and now the poor swine are being blamed for the spread of  FLU

Anyone still smiling  (apart from Me)

Now I know there must be Billion things that are going wrong but have you heard of Susan Boyle...True Brit... err I mean Scot...Just proves you don't have to be beautiful...hang on that just means everybody and their uncle are in fact calling her "Ugly" on television and getting away with it ....shame on them !!!   All the other singers are saying she shouldn't change...... Ha Ha Ha it's bad enough the competition from the old girl without her being beautiful too......

Anyways I am still smiling wonder how I will feel when I turn sixty next year...ssshhhhh don't tell anyone