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Character Synopsis - Stefani Charteiris

6 Years Ago

Well, if anyone belongs in such a Wonderland, that might be one of the pivotal characters from my own books, dear sweet innocent Stefani.

Stefani is the CEO President of Arkos Institute, a company designed for locating and experimenting on gifted children. Her CEO title she earned solely through paperwork from the director of Arkos himself. No-one knows how she entered the company or even gained immediate promotion for her duties or lack thereof, or even where she came from at all.

Stefani has dazzling physical beautiful. Vain being a serious understatement, she starves herself to maintain a drop-dead gorgeous figure, takes multiple vitamins, works out, and always walks in Arkos instead of taking a tram or bicycle as most other employees do.

She is quite tall, 6 feet, slender, and gorgeous in every possible way. She dresses to kill, literally, with rainbow highlights in her hair, florescent violet eyeliner, holographic fingernails, fruity lip-gloss, and very risque clothing.

She is in her 30s though looks to be much younger and is the crush on nearly every single warm-blooded male in the organization. She has been seen to be polite, generous, playful, and almost always a bit of an exhibitionist, causing boys to look at her with extreme interest and other women to giggle at her bravery and lack of shame.

She often dresses as provocatively as she can get away with while at work, sometimes being reprimanded gently for it in the workplace, which wasn't very often as her figure really did match her outfit, and she strives for perfection at this.

The truth of the matter is she is vindictive and cruel, highly manipulative, and narcissistic. And few people know this, except who are high up in the organization, and they keep it a secret as she is such an effective interrogator.

History: Undisclosed
Psychological Profile: Undisclosed
Police Records: Undisclosed
Preferred method of execution: Classified

Retrieved via Top Secret ARKOS records #00823.7619

Re: Character Synopsis - Stefani Charteiris

6 Years Ago

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