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Introducing myself

4 Years Ago

It looks like it's been a minute or two since anyone has posted. I hope this group is alive and kicking.

I am Wanda (the Wingnut), accomplish poet, less accomplished humorist, inspirational writer, and trying to conquer the world of fiction.

My first attempt at writing a novel is a fantasy that looks at what could possibly happen if a person falls asleep in the wrong place at the wrong time, dreams about the wrong thing, and gets stuck. It is based off of a poem about falling asleep that I wrote after trying NOT to fall asleep during military guard duty on a very cold night in the middle of winter in a foreign country.

So, if you are willing to give a read, guide the lost whimpering fictionally challenged newbie, I'm definitely willing to do my best to return the favor with what measure of editing/reviewing skill I have.

Wanda (the Wingnut) Vergara-Yates
aka "Wing" if you choose.