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Blogs, Sites and Stuff

16 Years Ago

Do you have your own blogs? Do you have any accounts with Deviantart? Friendster? FlickR? Multiply? Or any site at all you want the other members to browse through during their free time?

If so, feel free to post their addresses here. Of course, everyone is free to keep their privacy if they prefer to be somewhat anonymous.

Anyway, as my profile will have told you already, you can also find my works in these sites:
(my blog)
(my photographs and illustrations)
(more photographs and some illustrations)
(a blog i co-manage with fellow law graduates/artists)

do drop by and make yourselves felt. i will appreciate any suggestions and/or constructive criticisms.

thanks again for joining! hope to hear from you all!
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16 Years Ago

Thx Uberjam. I looked at a few of your sites. Very cool stuff there. I have a forum that I spend a lot of time at, its called Cybernetic Nexus.
I would enjoy seeing you stop by there some time, better yet, it would be an honor to have you as a member .... It's a forum by writers and for writers.

... just say "fly" sent ya! ::cool::