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A Disappointing Inspiration

12 Years Ago

Disappointing Inspiration

My soul turns to energy

And I turn in all directions


My vision seems to blur with the raw image

A spinal cord that used to be mine trembles

Limbs of this body release pain and resentment

Finally a heart of physicality dissolves to nothing


A truth instills new organs

The heart pumps blood to virgin body parts

An inspiration re-creates compasses

My soul returns to my body of earth


Wind soar through my veins

Water torrent through my lungs

Fire hurdle over my pores

Earth bind the my bones for all time


A thought reveals itself after a truth

The truth was a lie

Wind cannot soar within

And I am not a man


My sad disappointing inspiration

You show me a wonder above any other

I am free to touch it

But never, ever grasp it nor hold


My soul turns to rock

To shield from my undeniably


Disappointing inspiration