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A Path for me, maybe for others.

12 Years Ago

True enlightenment comes not after one has learned all there is to learn about themselves, not after they learn all there is to learn.  True enlightenment comes when a person is able to understand the connection their souls made to this physical plane.  When one can see they are simply a learning vessel for their soul and their duty to their soul is to learn the lessons this life gives.  To learn these lessons one must understand their entire emotional range, understand the workings of their bodies, their minds, and able to reset if you will all the knowledge made prior to these understandings.  Once this is done one is able to accept new experiences and learn more at a center, not a mixed up human emotional wreck most are.  

Accomplishing such a feet requires a lifetime of commitment and an open mind not seen around every corner, but is attainable by any person who truly wants it.  Adding these attributes to ones personality has an effect something like losing your waking identity and then regaining it in a vision.  Freeing a person from their waking life’s identity, and realizing they are simply an unidentifiable consciousness within the universe is no small task and for some will simply happen where as others may try years to obtain this sense of clarity. 

And the final piece of knowledge pertaining to true enlightenment given is, one must accept they are truly non-existent.  The bodies we all inhabit are limited by the physical world and rules of our physical universe, our souls have simply chosen to learn from within this body.  Our personalities will be gone once we die, our families, friends will all be gone.  To look at simply this would create a feeling of pessimism so look past that.  Ones memories will live on within our souls ‘infinite’ capacities through ‘all time’.

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