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Say HELLO or something.

11 Years Ago

Hello or something.

How are you doing?

Please type thing here.

Wait a second. Hi, I'm Matt. I live in a dried up piece of the Everglades, about 10 miles west of the pier at Pompano Beach, in Broward county. That makes me a Floridian. That pier is closed now. It has been since around the time of hurricane Wilma. That was a fun storm. It made me feel small and knocked down half the trees in my neighborhood. Why are there California oranges at my grocery store?  

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10 Years Ago


     My name is James Watts. A 32 year old writer in Panama City Florida. I have one short novel published and a short story in anthology. I love to write and I have an 11 year old. I moved to Florida about four years ago and I love it.

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10 Years Ago

Hi, guys!  I'm a teenage poet living in Palm Bay.

This most certainly makes me a Floridian-- and, should good weather and a day off /ever/ roll around in the same time, a beach bum.

Re: Say HELLO or something.

5 Years Ago

Hello, or something.

I'm Thomas Myers, living in Homestead, Florida.  I have deep love of science-fiction, particularly futurist tales both classic and current. I've written a short story that is posted here called "Do Broken Toys Go to Heaven".  I hope you check it out.