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Open Submission Call

7 Years Ago

Open call for submissions-Rejected For Content 3
From JEA’s extreme horror/bizarro imprint WetWorks imprint comes the third volume in the Rejected For Content anthology series.
What we’re looking for here are stories that have been, or are likely to be, rejected on the grounds of content. Open theme, but think tales which are frightening, wicked, raunchy, depraved, disgusting, grindhouse, splatterpunk, erotic or horrific. Look beyond shock for shock values sake, there are plenty of different ways subject matter can be approached and subtlety works just as well as over the top gore. Glorified rape, child molestation details, or glorification of racism, vilification of creeds, religion or gender orientations are not acceptable and stories focusing around these things will not be considered.
Poetry is also acceptable, but the plan is to have the majority of the book comprised of stories, so a large volume of poetry submissions will mean only the very best will be accepted.
3-10k word count (I’m flexible with this, just ask if you have a piece which falls outside this), Times New Roman, 12 pt, double spaced. All submissions to [email protected] subject RFC3 SUBMISSION. Deadline is 31st July 2015 or until full, whichever happens to come first.
Familiarity with the stories and poems in the first two Rejected For Content volumes is not essential, but they will provide good reference points for the types of works we are after.
Important notes-RFC are all exposure anthos. No reprints, no simultaneous submissions. Multiple submissions are okay. If you write under a pen name or want a story published as a pen name, please submit that story with the by-line as the pen name you use.