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News: Wrapping Up Janruary

7 Years Ago


Romance Gets Real: The contest is still open for submissions and will end in the first week of February. Send in your best romance stories, chapters, poems, etc. It can be fiction, made-up, non-fiction, or a true story! That'd be even better! If you are interested, see the website for more details. Contest is only for Getting Real members, but spread the news as much as possible.

Picture Perfect: Contest will begin February 1, 2013. I am looking for works of literature related to the image of the contest. Click here to see the Getting Real group forum for a larger view of the photo and more details on the contest.

New Group:

Literature Library is a new group recently created where you can join without needing anyone's approval, and it allows you to post any piece of art of any genre, and get feedback, reviews, and more. *NO MATURE CONTENT* Please and thank you.

Getting Real News:

Our featured author is Jake Gitts who wrote the stellar story, Compared to the Setting Sun. View it hereIt's amazing, and I recommend you read it if you haven't already.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you get to explore these amazing features before February takes over! Get ready for another amazing month and year! God bless!