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3 Years Ago

This is my second account made on Writers Cafe; I've been writing since I was seven years old and as a 28 year old single mother, I rarely get the time but I make the time. Lately I've been working pretty hard on an erotica idea that had come to me. I have never read or written any erotica but it always intrigued me. 

I'm normally a Young Adult writer; telling the love stories that no one else wants to tell due to mine being realistic and occasionally, heart-breaking without ever a "happily ever after". But that's life and I like to keep my readers reminded that reality is what we all must face even when we fall deep into the fictional word of books. 

So I'm looking for some like-minded erotica lovers so that I can find some critics to help me along the way to this new spontaneous, lusty side of me come to life! Since this is my second account, I don't have any friends at the moment so I searched for a group and this is where I landed! I hope to make plenty of friends to help me on my journey and if you want, I'm willing to help you with yours as well! :)

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