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Helpful Suggestions

11 Years Ago

This forum is here so people can post suggestions on places where other members can help get past writer's block. Make sure you tell others where you are stuck, then we might be able to come up with somthing that may help. I will also be monitoring the fourms for spelling and grammar mistakes. If I find any, I will correct them to make your words more understandable. Swearing and sexual content is unacceptable, so please refrain from including them in your posts.

The Dreaded Block!

11 Years Ago

Personally, I don’t feel I have the block; it’s just that I don’t know what I want to say.

I�ve suffered from writer�s block for a number of years; until I was in a position to be alone in a room with little distraction (work and worry over money are most new writers� main distractions.) I just started grinding it out, which is what I need to do where I am now, in my story where I�m not sure what to say. Just sit in front of it and rack my brain and beat my head against the keyboard, ha-ha.

I guess the only other advice I can think of is to read. Not just other peoples� books but your own, aloud. I guess research too. Like environments or locales or aspects of your plot ideas. That and I�m hoping to have people read and review my work, which might help. That is why im digging this site.  >:{[

It�s my belief that the main reason people get block is because they are depressed.


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Reply for 'The Dreaded Block!'

11 Years Ago

Yeah well, for me I just don't really think much about it because I don't have much time on my hands. Yet I actually do have time, I just feel as if I'm never going to make it. I already had to rewrite my book (from first person to third person) so it might be easier. I think all we need to do is think up some sort of outline.

Talking about Chaos Stone's 3-Chapter gap.

11 Years Ago

So, I saw you skipped 3 chapters. Whats going on here?