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What are your fan fictions about?

9 Years Ago

Mine is about a young girl who can't be put into a hat. She shows a lot of slyness and wisdom but is so brave as well. So she is put in Gryffindor. Her family are pure bloods and so is she. As she moves through the school she learns what the true meaning if pure is and how prejudice is not something that will get you far. She is also on the Year 6's classes as she's extremely bright. As she learns this, Voldemort comes to her in a dream and warns her that her father is very disappointed and that she should kill Harry Potter (whose in Year 6), to prove that she is on his side. Stupidly, she tells her friend and says that she won't but she's scared. Her friend tells the whole school and they turn against at her. The Slytherins try to befriend her but she refuses and seeks the help of Tremclef, a Hogwarts elf. Then, Voldemort comes to the school to kill her off but Tremclef throws himself in front of the spell so he dies. The students then realise that the girl has nothing to do with the Dark Side and she opts to live at Hogwarts during the holidays. Eventually, after becoming acquaintances with Ginny Weasley, she moves into their household.