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Whisky Sprizted Flash Fiction

15 Years Ago

Ok ok, heres an idea for anyone who is a tad bored or wants a new idea. What y ou do is write a 400-500 word flash fiction piece. The piece needs to include both of these aspects/concepts:

Simply Art - in any form, in any medium - what compells you to appreciate a certain piece of work, which artists gets you the randiest? - why does some of it make you want to vomit on your brand new Chucks ? Why does its creation often times depend on the altered state of the artist? Include in this piece, something that is referencing an art - an artist - or a feeling/emotion that you derive from a piece of art.

Two you need to include these three ideas -- A bloody ending, (The bloodier the better) An art museum as a setting, and finally you may only swear 5 times throughout the piece.

Good luck and see what you can come up with -----