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Superhero Anthology

7 Years Ago

There is some good talent in this group.

I would like to know if there is any interest in writing in a superhero anthology among this group? I would like to make my Unbelievable Universe into a shared universe.

When writing, you could use any of my current characters, locations or organizations, or you could create some new ones. If you have a favorite of your own that is your original creation, you could bring them in for a visit. You would own and control any characters you create. No one else could use them without your permission. They could not be altered in any significant way without your permission.

To keep things simple, we would be donating all the profits to a charity.
I would take care of publishing the book. I think this should be for fun, but I would be the editor and pick the best 50K words submitted. I am a big enough person to reject my own writing, if I think I should.

Please let me know.