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Create a 'superhero' universe

7 Years Ago

I am in the process of creating a 'superhero' universe. Saying that, I wouldn't describe the characters as superheroes. They have powers, but they are too complex to fit into the category of hero. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone is interested in contributing to this project. I am thinking that we can discuss ideas, create characters and play around with plots, and have some fun along the way.

I already have some ideas about what this particular 'superhero' universe will look like. Powers are granted to those who have experienced a traumatic event and the power itself is a bit like a defense mechanism for this person, to ensure that they never have to suffer that way again. I want the powers to be psychological, instead of physical, for two reasons: because trauma ultimately is a mental issue, and because it makes this universe different. 

I think with this series we can explore some really interesting and complex themes, concerning overcoming trauma and the traumatic effects of power itself. As I have developed this universe, I have found that while these people with powers (I thought of calling them: Sorrows) can escape the trauma of their past (physically), their power does little to conquer their inner demons (and perhaps, actually makes them stronger).

Anyway, if this interests you, please feel free to message me.